19 October 2020

Real Enemies: The Movie


There is a film of Real Enemies. It premieres via Cal Performances At Home on Wednesday, October 21 at 10 PM (Eastern).

Join us live on Wednesday night, or watch at your leisure for up to three months following the premiere date.

For an exclusive sneak peak, join me tonight (Monday, October 21 at 6 PM Eastern) for The Jazz Gallery’s Happy Hour Hang.

Additional events:

Tue, Oct 20, 2020, 10pm (Eastern)
Fact or Fiction: Conspiracy Theories and the Current Political Moment
Real Enemies, featuring Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, was inspired by Kathryn S. Olmsted’s 2013 book Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I through 9/11. Join Professor Olmsted of UC Davis’ History Department, writer and director Isaac Butler, and MacArthur Fellow journalist and writer Mark Danner of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism for a lively conversation about the grip of conspiracy theories on the American imagination.

Wed, Oct 21, 2020, 9:30pm (Eastern)
Pre-Performance Conversation
Join us at 9:30pm (Eastern), before the streaming premiere at 10pm, for a pre-performance conversation with composer Darcy James Argue, director Isaac Butler, media designer Peter Nigrini, and Cal Performances executive and artistic director Jeremy Geffen. Free for ticket holders. Available on demand here, following the premiere, for everyone.

Mon, Nov 9, 2020, 9:30pm (Eastern)
Public Forum:
The United States of Conspiracy: An Arts + Design Mondays presentation

Free and open to the public online

Arts + Design’s Monday evening series, Together: Reinventing Politics, Reimagining Health, presents the three creators of Real Enemies—composer Darcy James Argue, writer and director Isaac Butler, and film designer Peter Nigrini—in a discussion about the American fascination with conspiracy theories that fuels their immersive, multimedia production. The conversation will be moderated by Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC Berkeley University Librarian and Chief Digital Scholarship Officer, and a professor in the UCB School of Information and the Department of Economics.

18 March 2020

SFJAZZ April 18 performance postponed

So I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but SFJAZZ is extending its postponement of all shows and education events through May 11th. My co-conspirators and I had been so looking forward to making our SFJAZZ debut on April 18 but it seems we will all have to wait a while longer. 

We look forward to playing a very very celebratory concert for our Bay Area fans once bigband concerts are a thing we can do again!

13 March 2020

COVID-19 cancellations


Please be advised that the following upcoming performances have been cancelled out of COVID-19 concerns:

March 13: Cécile McLorin Salvant’s Ogresse at the Bing Concert Hall, Stanford
March 15: Cécile McLorin Salvant’s Ogresse at Disney Hall, Los Angeles
• March 21: Secret Society + NEC Alumni Big Band at Sheen Center, NYC
• April 13: Secret Society at Dizzy’s Club, NYC

I’m deeply sorry to all those who had been looking forward to these shows, and I hope they can be rescheduled once the it is safe to do so.

Obviously, we are monitoring the situation closely, so please watch this space for updates.

Finally, many of my co-conspirators have been hit incredibly hard by these and other cancellations. Over just the past few days, they have seen all of their work for the next two months completely disappear. The life of a freelance musician in a city as expensive as New York is difficult and volatile at the best of times, and few musicians are prepared to absorb a financial blow of this magnitude. 

If you had been planning to attend any of these performances, I’d like to ask that you contribute what you would have spent on tickets and drinks to Equal Sound’s Corona Relief Fund, which provides direct financial support to musicians who have lost work due to COVID-19 cancellations:

And of course, you can also support musicians by purchasing their albums, either directly from their websites or from Bandcamp. Please help if you can — this is a dark time and we’re going to need some tunes to help us through it.

02 January 2020

Secret Society @ The Jazz Gallery, 9-10 January 2020

Photo: Lindsay Beyerstein

Happy New Year, comrades! Come celebrate the return of the Roaring Twenties with Secret Society, as my co-conspirators and I take up residence in The Jazz Gallery for two consecutive nights: Thursday, January 9 and Friday, January 10.

Alexa Tarantino
Rob Wilkerson
Sam Sadigursky
Quinsin Nachoff
Carl Maraghi

Sam Hoyt
Jonathan Powell
Matt Holman
Nadje Noordhuis
Ingrid Jensen

Mike Fahie
Sara Jacovino (Jan. 9) / Ryan Keberle (Jan. 10)
Jacob Garchik
Jennifer Wharton

Sebastian Noelle
Adam Birnbaum
Matt Clohesy (Jan. 9) / Jorge Roeder (Jan. 10)
Jon Wikan

21 October 2019

Secret Society @ Jazz Standard, 24 October 2019

Photo: Lindsay Beyerstein

Secret Society returns to one of our favorite haunts, Jazz Standard, for one night only (Thursday, October 24), where we are thrilled to be presenting the New York premiere of “Ebonite,” commissioned by the Hard Rubber Orchestra.

Dave Pietro
Alexa Tarantino
Sam Sadigursky
María Grand
Brian Landrus

Seneca Black
David Smith
Matt Holman
Nadje Noordhuis
Mike Rodriguez

Ryan Keberle
Kalia Vandever
Jacob Garchik
Jennifer Wharton

Nate Radley, guitar
Adam Birnbaum, piano
Ricky Rodriguez, bass
Jon Wikan, drums