07 August 2018

Autumnal Incursions 2018

My co-conspirators and I will be infiltrating a number of exciting venues and festivals over the next several months.

On Wednesday, August 29, we are delighted to return to Jazz Standard for two sets of music, and also to feed our unslakeable hunger for their legendary salt peanuts.

On Saturday, September 1, we will be making our debut at Chicago Jazz Festival and helping them celebrate their 40th anniversary. We know our Chicago fans have been waiting for this for a very long time and we are thrilled it is finally happening!

On Saturday, October 6, we will be traveling to the Azores Islands for Angrajazz, an incredible opportunity for us to bring our music to one of the most picturesque locations on the planet.

And on Tuesday, October 23, my comrades and I revisit Penn State for a concert performance of Secret Society standards new and old.

We hope to be seeing you soon.

Dave Pietro (Aug 29, Sept 1, Oct 6) / Matt Vashlishan (Oct 23)
Alexa Tarantino (Aug 29, Sept 1, Oct 6) / Rob Wilkerson (Oct 23)
Sam Sadigurksy
Roxy Coss (Aug 29, Sept 1, Oct 23) / María Grand (Oct 6)
Carl Maraghi

Seneca Black
Jonathan Powell (Aug 29, Sept 1, Oct 23) / Sam Hoyt (Oct 6)
Matt Holman / David Smith (1st set Aug 29)
Nadje Noordhuis
Jason Palmer (Aug 29, Sept 1) / David Smith (Oct 6) / Adam O’Farrill (Oct 23)

Mike Fahie
Ryan Keberle
Jacob Garchik (Aug 29, Sept 1) / Kalia Vandever (Oct 6, 23)
Jennifer Wharton (Aug 29, Sept 1, Oct 23) / Tim Sessions (Oct 6)

Sebastian Noelle, guitar
Adam Birnbaum, piano
Matt Clohesy, bass (Aug 29, Sept 1, Oct 6) / Ricky Rodgriuez, bass (Oct 23)
Jon Wikan, drums