27 January 2016

Friday, January 29 & Saturday, January 30 — The Jazz Gallery 20th Anniversary Concert Series


This weekend, Secret Society will take to the stage at The Jazz Gallery to perform music from the critically acclaimed Real Enemies, as well as some other recent works (and perhaps an old favorite or two…). The concerts (two sets per night on Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th) are part of The Jazz Gallery’s 20th Anniversary Concert Series. The Jazz Gallery has been very supportive of Secret Society over the years and we are thrilled to be able to help them celebrate twenty years of absolutely vital music.

Tickets may be had here.

Following the Jazz Gallery performances, we will be heading into the recording studio to record our third album, Real Enemies — look for it this fall on New Amsterdam Records. If you’d like a preview of what is to come, sign up for the Secret Society News-Letter and you’ll receive an exclusive free track “Trust No One,” recorded live during the Real Enemies premiere at BAM and featuring Sebastian Noelle on guitar and Carl Maraghi on baritone sax.


Dave Pietro
Sharel Cassity (Jan. 29) / Rob Wilkerson (Jan. 30)
Sam Sadigursky
John Ellis
Carl Maraghi

Nathan Eklund
David Smith
Matt Holman
Nadje Noordhuis
Ingrid Jensen

Mike Fahie
Ryan Keberle
Jacob Garchik
Jennifer Wharton

Sebastian Noelle, guitar
Adam Birnbaum, piano
Matt Clohesy, bass
Jon Wikan, drums