26 June 2017

July 4 @ Jazz Standard


Steeply made motions of weary familiarity. ‘Herrrrrre we go.’

Marathe ignored this. ‘Are we not all of us fanatics? I say only what you of the U.S.A. only pretend you do not know. Attachments are of great seriousness. Choose your attachments carefully. Choose your temple of fanaticism with great care. What you wish to sing of as tragic love is an attachment not carefully chosen. Die for one person? This is a craziness. Persons change, leave, die, become ill. They leave, lie, go mad, have sickness, betray you, die. Your nation outlives you. A great cause outlives you.’

‘How are your wife and kids doing, up there, by the way?’

‘You U.S.A.’s do not seem to believe you may each choose what to die for. Love of a woman, the sexual, it bends back in on the self, makes you narrow, maybe crazy. Choose with care. Love of your nation, your country, and people, it enlarges the heart. Something bigger than the self.’

Steeply laid a hand between his misdirected breasts: ‘Ohh … Canada…’

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

On this Interdependence Independence Day, join us as my international cabal of co-conspirators and I defiantly celebrate the best things about America: exuberantly maximalist novelists like David Foster Wallace. Eccentric innovators like Buckminster Fuller. Soulful musical cross-pollinators like Levon Helm. And geniuses beyond category like Duke Ellington. We will be playing music inspired by all of these individuals and more.

Oh, and there will be barbecue (yes, actual barbecue), whiskey (with an “e”), and the greatest salt peanuts known to man.

Come home, America. Come to Jazz Standard on July 4. Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Dave Pietro
Rob Wilkerson
Sam Sadigursky
John Ellis
Carl Maraghi

Seneca Black
Josh Deutsch
Matt Holman
Nadje Noordhuis
Sam Hoyt

Mike Fahie
Ryan Keberle
Jacob Garchik
Jennifer Wharton

Sebastian Noelle, guitar
Adam Birnbaum, piano
Matt Clohesy, bass
Jon Wikan, drums

Darcy James Argue