24 July 2014

Newport Jazz Festival 2014



1 August 2014 Newport Jazz Festival Newport RI 12:40 PM

Featuring the US Premiere of “Tensile Curves”

“Tensile Curves” was co-commissioned by the Newport Jazz Festival and the Vancouver-based Hard Rubber Orchestra, who premiered the 35-minute piece at the Vancouver Jazz Festival on June 20. August 1 will be the US premiere, and also the first performance by Secret Society.

The new piece is shamelessly, cheekily inspired by Ellington’s “Diminuendo in Blue” and based around a 12-tone row I found by turning one of Duke’s licks into a sequence. (The row is hidden pretty thoroughly, though — I doubt anyone would be able to detect any 12-tone influence without being tipped off.) And where “Diminuendo” is famously based around a gradual reduction in volume and intensity, “Tensile Curves” is structured around a series of metric modulations that gradually reduce the tempo, from a brisk 240 beats per minute all the way down to a slow grinding 41.

The Newport performance will feature Sam Sadigursky on clarinet, Marshall Gilkes on trombone, Ingrid Jensen on trumpet, John Ellis on tenor sax, and Adam Birnbaum on piano.

Erica von Kleist
Rob Wilkerson
Sam Sadigursky
John Ellis
Carl Maraghi

Seneca Black
Tom Goehring
Matt Holman
Nadje Noordhuis
Ingrid Jensen

Ryan Keberle
Marshall Gilkes
Jacob Garchik
Jennifer Wharton

Miles Okazaki, guitar
Adam Birnbaum, piano
Matt Clohesy, bass
Jon Wikan, drum set