02 October 2013

Upcoming gigs: Seattle Oct. 31, NYC Nov. 7th, Houston Nov. 9th

Darcy James Argue with Secret Society

Secret Society’s next appears November 7th at The Jazz Gallery and November 9th at Houston’s Wortham Theater Center, presented by Da Camera of Houston. In addition to music from Brooklyn Babylon, we’ll be presenting new material originally commissioned by the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos and the West Point Jazz Knights.

I will also be leading the Cornish Contemporary Big Band in a Halloween-eve performance at Seattle’s Earshot Jazz Festival.

Details for all three performances available on our Upcoming Shows page.

(Nov. 7 & 9)

Erica von Kleist
Sharel Cassity
Sam Sadigursky
John Ellis
Josh Sinton

Seneca Black
Tom Goehring
Jonathan Powell (Nov. 7)
Matt Holman (Nov. 9)
Nadje Noordhuis
Mike Rodriguez

Mike Fahie
Ryan Keberle
James Hirschfeld
Jennifer Wharton

Sebastian Noelle, guitar
Red Wieringa, piano, electric piano, melodica
Matt Clohesy, contrabass & electric bass
Eric Doob, drum set & percussion